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Updates for Molecools and Spaze Haze

Hi gamers, both Molecools and Space Haze have received updates:– The target SDK for Molecools and Spaze Haze has been pushed to API level 33

Remember September – bundle

7 independent developers and 20 unique titles deliver MANY FLAVORS OF FUN to the month of September featuring Arcade Action, Platformers, Puzzles, Adventure, Strategy and

Get The Gems featured in bundle

Included in the ‘Ending the Summer’ bundle are 59 digital games, 7 books, 2 classical comics, 1 soundtrack, 2 miscellaneous items and 28 physical games.

Get The Gems RELOADED released

Finally, the time has come!
I am proud to announce that I have just released a completely revised and improved version of Get The Gems.<br