Get The Gems RELOADED released

Finally, the time has come!

I am proud to announce that I have just released a completely revised and improved version of Get The Gems.

Get The Gems RELOADED has been reprogrammed from scratch in an up-to-date language and improved in every way. Among other things, I have of course taken your great feedback into account. Please continue to use the game’s Community Hub on Steam.

Here is an overview of the new features:

Core Engine

  • Rewritten from scratch in an up-to-date language
  • OpenGL and Vulkan support
  • The player’s desktop resolution is used ingame
  • Tiles are always square, regardless of the resolution
  • Latest Microsoft Windows supported


  • Campaign Mode and Practice Mode
  • Player progress autosave
  • Unlimited lives
  • Enhanced player controls
  • Time limit can be deactivated in Practice Mode
  • Cam is now centered on player
  • Enhanced monster pathfinding
  • Improved ingame UI


  • Many caves have been replaced
  • Most caves have been reworked
  • Unlocked caves can be played again at any time
  • Improved cave entering


  • Many sprites have been reworked or replaced
  • Added animation for soil eating
  • Improved explosion animation
  • Gems now sparkle randomly
  • Added player death and cave success animation



  • Awesome menu music track
  • Major sound revision
  • Many new sounds added
  • Random creepy sounds during gameplay



  • Achievements updated
  • New game menu
  • More rewarding score system
  • Enhanced player statistics
  • Gameplay recording issues eliminated
  • Improved help
  • Added tips to main menu

Have fun and happy spelunking!

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Get The Gems RELOADED released

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